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J Wilder Imports

Dog Collars - Medium

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A Dog's style is all about the owner...

We offer two sizes medium or large collars. Measure your fur baby / hound or dog around the neck and allow 2 fingers inside the tape measure. This should give you the ideal fit for the dog to be comfortable and for you to maintain control of the dog.

If the collar is wet allow to dry slowly. To clean just a damp rag should be all that is needed. You can apply a leather conditioner as the collar wears especially where the tongue goes through the adjustment hole to assure the collar is strong and long wearing.

Medium collars are apprx. ~17 inches measured to the last adjustment hole. Large collars are apprx. ~19 inches again to the last adjustment hole.

A note about the white collar. It is made from what the Argentinians refer to as 'crudo' which is leather cured but not dyed or oiled. It is very rugged and will age to an ivory color.


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