Our Polo Belts

Our world-renowned leather belts are crafted by hand from premium oil tanned cowhides with classic Inca patterns in lively colors. Widely know as the best belt for denim. Argentina is famous for tango, wine, horses, polo and beef. Our leather polo belts are the best of the polo and bovine world.

Life is an adventure, and our belts are made for adventure and daring.

Oil tanned leather or as some say veg-tan leather is a slow process and it is more expensive than other curing methods but the leather belt has a longer useful life. Our belts are the thickness of saddle leather and truly the most rugged leather you can own. As it ages it will develop a patina and look even better than new. We like things that age well like wine, whiskey, cheese and good leather.

The Inca patterns are dye cut and the belts are sent out to be hand embroidered. The designs are stitched with a sturdy waxed cotton thread. These long-lasting patterns will also gain a slight patina with age from the waxed cotton threads.

Our belts are 1.25 inches wide and have 5 adjustment holes. The belts should fit in the middle hole to allow for bulky winter wear, flannel shirts, cords but also for light summer outfits. The buckle is solid brass. Please hang by the buckle when not in use to allow the belt to relax and regain its shape.

Life is an adventure so dress for it.