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The Back Story


J Wilder is a small business inside a big dream. We have spent considerable time abroad for our work, for education and sometimes just a tourist. We have found the world is beaming with creative efforts offering unique beauty.

While many of our journeys are not to well known places.  We doubt that some places will never make your bucket list of places that you must visit but we love the hunt for new artisanal accessories and where it may lead us.

This site was developed as our son, J. Wilder announced at dinner that we should start a online import business. Soon our daughter chimed in, telling us that buying inventory - 'it's guilt free shopping'. Both of them seem to be able to find treasures in unlikely places and we all love sharing their clever finds. As some would say my kids have an 'eye'. They may be on to something, because we have seen that our beautiful shoes, belts, ponchos or scarves can transform an ordinary outfit into a bold gesture of color, helping one to express their unique style.

Our focus is on handmade and affordable fashion accessory items. We prefer organic dyes when we buy kilim or carpets. We demand only premium leathers and all cotton threads. We love silk and especially hand dyed silk ikat. These one-of-a-kind items are produced in small cooperatives and family businesses. Our efforts in advising in designs, sizing and colors allows these far flung artisans to develop a market among US consumers. We aim to be a fair trade business as well as a business providing sustainable products crafted in traditional methods.

                         We love what we are doing and hope you will too.