• Kilim is flat weave fabric that has a myriad of uses ranging from carpets, tapestries, saddle bags, bed cover to name a few. We select kilims that are older and that have been dyed using organic dyes. The dyes and the patterns make every kilim unique.

  • The organic dyes used in kilim can range from madder root or pomegranate for the red colors to indigo for the blue shades while hibiscus or walnut leaves make the greens. Browns come from walnut hulls or oxblood while the color black from oak apples [oak galls]. The yellows are from ox eye chamomile and turmeric.

  • The balance of the colors in natural dyes is what the eye finds so appealing. The colors are set so as not to bleed using a fixative such as alum, iron, copper, tin or chrome. Alum and cream of tarter sets the clearest colors. Natural dyes have richer or more complex colors than synthetic dyes and time and light only makes organic dyes more appealing.

Men's Shoes

Turkish shoes, kilim loafers, smoking shoes, house slippers or carpet mules.

Men's Size Chart

About Handmade Kilim Loafers

Handmade on an Italian form, this elegant kilim loafer has a chisel toe. The loafer is versatile and beautiful. These are made by cobblers in Istanbul with decades of experience. Each kilim or tapestry is hand selected to assure the provenance and condition. Details are important.

 The wool uppers are on leather soles and leather insoles. There is a small heel and soles and heels can be redone when needed. Not only are they attractive, they are great walking shoes. Many people when replacing the soles will use a thin durable plastic sole.

These colorful shoes are not 'closet trophies' only to be worn on special days. Versatile means they work with most of the items in the closet. Denim pairs well as most everything vintage in the closet. [See FAQs for sizing questions]

Men's shoe size chart

Men's EU sizes Men's US sizes
40 7  1/2
41 8
42 9
43 10
44 11
45 12
46 13
47 (and larger) Custom order