Dog Collars

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White Dog Collar

The Premium leather Collar for White Dogs

$45.00 ships free

leather polo belts from Argentina

These are rugged & stylish genuine leather dog collars. They are made from the same premium leather as our belts.  We offer collars in two sizes medium and large dogs only because smaller dogs seem to slip the collars. The d-rings for the leash and the buckles are crafted from brass. There are 4 holes for adjustment that are spaced 1 inch apart. This allows obtaining the best fit or for the fuzzy winter coat.

Medium collars are 16.5 or 17.5 inches from the last hole to the buckle. The large collars are either 18 inches or 20.75 from the last hole to the buckle.  Please be advised we cannot have all collars in all sizes in spite of our best efforts.