J Wilder Imports as a Mobile Shopping  APP Tech Trailblazer

J Wilder Imports as a Mobile Shopping APP Tech Trailblazer

What so great about this mobile app?

First of all, J Wilder Imports is the bleeding edge technology user of the this new app. We were the first to download and go live on Shopify with the Shelfy.io mobile shopping app. We are not normally a tech trailblazer but when we saw the demo we were sold.

Over 50% of our traffic to the site comes from mobile devices. There is not a shopping platform [i.e. shopify, Woo commerce, Magento, 3D Cart, Square Space, eBay] that really has a great mobile version of the desktop. These shopping platforms that shrink the desktop view are what drives people to shop on Instagram and other mobile friendly platforms. They all claim a mobile app, they all have some type of mobile app, but they do not nail it.

Then there is Shelfy.io which is Tel Aviv based software company that has done what no other has been able to do- create a really fast friendly and visually appealing mobile experience. The features and the versatility is remarkable.

So why am I telling my competitors about my secret weapon?

 The Shelfy.io offers a SaaS product [software as a service] that allows users like J Wilder Imports to create its own unique app. Shelfy offers the shop owners the tools to build the app, they do not build it for you. The store owner creates the look and feel, the colors, the logo all the aspects that make it a customized mobile app unique to their store's style or the goals.

We are pleased with our initial efforts of building our app. We will continue to refine and expand the app. We are convinced that we must

Go mobile or go broke.

This is the way we see the world and we hope you will take a look at our app and see what we see; of course it is free to users.

The Android App link


The Apple App link